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Insurance 101

The Tough Question

What WOULD happen if I died TODAY?

Nobody wants to think about it…. but the Covid-19 pandemic has brought random death into our society and people are thinking seriously about this question. My spouse, my kids, my parents, the house, colleges, debt, family income……so much to worry about.

Term Insurance Protection

Term insurance from Family Tree of Life can offer you peace of mind quickly through our online process that can allow you to put life insurance protection INFORCE in just DAYS instead of the usual WEEKS!

When you purchase a TERM life insurance policy, you are “renting” your protection. There is no real “value” created but at the very least, you have the PROTECTION you need for the period of time you’ve chosen. At the end of that chosen period, your policy MAY allow for a CONVERSION into a permanent insurance product WITHOUT evidence of insurability which means your health status may have changed for the worse but your underwriting BAND will remain the same. This is a HUGE incentive to buy as MUCH term insurance protection NOW while you are young and healthy because frankly, nobody knows when their health status might change.

Permanent Insurance Protection

There are many options here with Whole Life, Universal Life, and Indexed Life products. Additionally, there are “riders” or additional benefits that can be added onto the permanent product lines that include and address LONG TERM CARE needs. If you’ve done the research and know what you want, we certainly have the product lines available to you with the same ease of underwriting as you have with the TERM policies. However, if you would like some advice, we have a national network of financial advisors and life insurance specialists that we can refer to you directly if we cannot address your questions and concerns from here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly regarding your very specific and unique family concerns or circumstances.