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A Family Affair two generations strong, Family Tree of Life is here to serve your very special life insurance needs. We are an independent life insurance firm which means we represent a multitude of different life insurance companies and their products. Our goal is to match your unique financial circumstances and needs to the company and product that satisfies those needs. Factors like your current health certainly weigh into the underwriting decisions at the life insurance companies. By informing us of those special medical circumstances up front, you can help us direct your case to the companies that may have a special product line or underwriting program best suited to your needs. We are here to help you through this underwriting process.

The On-Line tools available today make acquiring needed life insurance protection fast and easy. In the majority of cases, this means a short telephone interview, some electronic background checks of medical and financial databases, and a motor vehicle verification which often results in a policy in your hands in less than a week! We’ve had cases approved, issued and paid for within 48 hours!!

We want to complete the entire underwriting process electronically without the usual Para-Med examiner coming to see you…to weigh you….to measure you…and take a blood and urine specimen. While that is certainly our goal, it doesn’t always work that way. If an insurance exam is needed, we can certainly help you through how best to prepare for the exam so the process goes smoothly. Fast and Easy is the goal.

Knowing that you have at least some basic life insurance protection in place for your loved ones certainly eases some of the stress levels we are facing in life today. We are here to help.