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Breast Cancer and Life Insurance Protection

The question often asked after any cancer diagnosis is, “can I “GET” Life Insurance Protection after successfully battling my cancer?” In the majority of cases, the answer is a resounding YES!

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in the USA. The probability of developing a breast cancer in your lifetime is about 1:10, a 10% chance as you get older. The underwriting of Life Insurance Protection takes this into account with the age of onset of the initial cancer diagnosis. Early diagnosis clearly is the key to finding the cancer at the lower stages allowing for more effective treatments and much higher CURE RATES. The aggressive treatments available today when matched with an early diagnosis offer an OUTSTANDING long-term prognosis….and excellent LIFE INSURANCE considerations.

Breast Cancer usually presents as a painless lump in the breast. By performing your own regular self-examinations, you are the first line of discovery for something unusual—something that “wasn’t there before.” The diagnostic mammogram helps the physician in finding and identifying these lumps or unusual findings from the routine breast exam. A “suspicious” mammogram finding can lead to a biopsy, surgical removal of the lump (Lumpectomy) or even mastectomy and the removal of the breast. 

Life Insurance after Breast Cancer: The underwriting of the life insurance protection for any Breast Cancer Survivor is all about the risk assessment TODAY and the probabilities of recurrence in the future. An early diagnosis of a low stage breast cancer is better statistically than the higher stage cancers. The SIZE of the cancer, the location (ductal or lobular for example), and the staging for any spread or metastatic disease are key facts for the underwriting decision and the corresponding premium charge for the LIFE INSURANCE PROTECTION you want and need.

A special thanks to organizations like the Susan G Komen Foundation for educating us all as to the importance of early detection and generating the public movement of research dollars and government research efforts into the treatments that are generating Breast Cancer CURES today. 

Can YOU “get” LIFE INSURANCE PROTECTION after breast cancer? Let’s find out!!



Can YOU “get” LIFE INSURANCE PROTECTION after a breast cancer? Let’s find out!!